The Church Operates As a Secular Corporation

The organization of the Roman Catholic Church operates as an elected monarchy.  The Queen of England is an hereditary monarch.  The Pope is a monarch elected by princes of his church whenever a vacancy occurs.  No blood line is involved.

When Italy united in the latter 1800s through the military efforts of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and the ideas of Guiseppe Mazzini and others, the French army kept the Papal monarchy in power through military might and so the modern day Vatican State was born.

Long time student, author and columnist on the Papacy, the Roman Church and its child abuse crisis is Frank Bruni of the New York Times.  The reader should read his analysis found in the Sunday Times on July 6, 2013 entitled “The Church’s Errant Shepherds,” which is found at –

His review recounts how the church consistently operates as a secular corporation in dealing with its child abuse crisis, basically conducting search and destroy missions against any victim with the courage to expose its crimes.

This quote says it all – “But over the last few decades we’ve watched an organization that claims a special moral authority in the world pursue many of the same legal and public-relations strategies — shuttling money around, looking for loopholes, tarring accusers, massaging the truth — that are employed by organizations devoted to nothing more than the bottom line.”

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