Oblates Continue Dirty Tricks Defense Against Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The criminal trial has now begun in Philadelphia of Oblates of St. Francis de Sales priest Charles Englehardt, accused by the prosecution of crimes on a then 10 year old altar boy about a decade ago.

Englehardt faces four charges, including involuntary deviant sexual intercourse with a child and indecent assault.

As a defense, The Times reports that this Oblate priest will challenge the credibility of the accuser, who is now 24 years old.  A co-defendant also will claim that the victim is a liar, it appears from the news story.

Claiming that the victim of an Oblate priest is simply a liar and the priest is an angel is a standard defense tactic for the Oblates.  Chapter three of my book, “When Priests Bcome Predators:  Profiles of Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors,” (2012) is devoted entirely to the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, a religious order of Roman Catholic priests, who are notorious for covering up the crimes of their fellow priests and putting survivors of their sexual abuse through the wringer for daring to reveal their crimes in court.

The survivor victim here should be commended for his courage in challenging the cover-up of the Oblates and seeking justice through the courts.

The full story is reported in The New York Times and can be read at –


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