The Church Operates As a Secular Corporation

The organization of the Roman Catholic Church operates as an elected monarchy.  The Queen of England is an hereditary monarch.  The Pope is a monarch elected by princes of his church whenever a vacancy occurs.  No blood line is involved.

When Italy united in the latter 1800s through the military efforts of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and the ideas of Guiseppe Mazzini and others, the French army kept the Papal monarchy in power through military might and so the modern day Vatican State was born.

Parental Concern After Student Exposure To A Potential Abuser Is Always Well Placed

Today my op ed piece appeared in the Wilmington News Journal concerning well placed parental concern at an elite private school whose headmaster was just arrested for possession of child pornography and who also reportedly admitted past acts of childhood sexual abuse.  You can find the article at –

Delaware Supreme Court Again Refuses to Protect Sexual Abusers

In the case of Jane Doe v. The State of Delaware, No. 447,2012 (Del. Supreme, September 12, 2013), the Delaware Supreme Court again refused to protect sexual abusers and the institutions who employ them.

Here it was the Delaware State Police whose state trooper employee allegedly forced a female he had arrested to perform oral sex on him in exhange for not prosecuting her for allegedly shoplifting.

In such cases against employers and the Roman Catholic Church in Delaware trial judges have exonerated employers in similar cases claiming that the employer can never be responsible for the actions of such employees under any legal principles.

LA Cardinal Receives Slap On The Wrist For Childhood Sexual Abuse Cover-Up

Just hours ago, the Associated Press reported that now retired 76 year old Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Los Angeles Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church has been stripped of his administrative and public duties in the archdiocese by his successor.  Mahony’s key aid during the decades long cover-up of childhood sexual abuse by priests in California, now auxiliary bishop Thomas Curry, also stepped down from his position.

The tie in between Mahony and Curry’s direction of the cover-up was revealed in secret church documents recently released by the courts after another five year cover-up.

Sandusky Judge Upholds the Truthfulness of Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors

The Washington Post” published an “Associated Press” report yesterday of significance to all survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are accused of being liars.

It is the common game plan for those who defend perpetrators of childhood sexual abuse to accuse them of being liars out for big bucks and offer as proof of that claim the fact that the child did not immediately run to the police after his or her rape and report it, as if any ten year old would have a sophisticated understanding of the criminal justice system, the courage to enter into it, or the emotional maturity to confront the horror which had just been inflicted on his or her body.

Jury Convicts Oblate Priest of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The Philadelphia Inquirer” and “The New York Times” report today on the criminal conviction yesterday for indecent assault, corruption of a minor, child endangerment and conspiracy of a 66 year old priest of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, a world-wide Order of priests of the Roman Catholic Church. 

The picture of a broadly smiling District Attorney in the “Inquirer” says it all for survivors of childhood sexual abuse after this trial of a then 10 year old altar boy whose life was destroyed by this priest and whose lawyer viciously attacked him from the stand using every trick in the Roman Catholic Church play book to destroy him.

LA Church Records Confirm That Priest Childhood Sexual Abuse Was Hidden From Police

After more than six years of pie crust promises, secret internal church records which were promised to the public

in 2007 have finally seen the light of day.  The New York Times  reported yesterday that The Los Angeles Times on

Monday posted online the documents behind the previous $660 million church settlement in California with child

sexual abuse survivors of priests of the Roman Catholic Church.  The story can be found at –


The documents clearly show that high ranking church officials in Los Angeles “worked quietly to keep evidence of

German Church Report Confirms Shared American Priest Child Abuse Tactics

The New York Times three days ago recounted a report which was just released by the German Roman Catholic Church Bishops Conference on the conduct of German priests who were child molesters in that country between 1950 and 1980.

The story can be found at –

The report remarkably confirms that the conduct of German priests in sexually abusing children was consistent with that of their American counterparts at the same time in history.  Indeed, the conclusion is that there is a remarkable similarity world wide in how Roman Catholic priests preyed on vulnerable children.

Oblates Continue Dirty Tricks Defense Against Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The criminal trial has now begun in Philadelphia of Oblates of St. Francis de Sales priest Charles Englehardt, accused by the prosecution of crimes on a then 10 year old altar boy about a decade ago.

Englehardt faces four charges, including involuntary deviant sexual intercourse with a child and indecent assault.

As a defense, The Times reports that this Oblate priest will challenge the credibility of the accuser, who is now 24 years old.  A co-defendant also will claim that the victim is a liar, it appears from the news story.

Boston Theatre Portrays The Lived Experiences of Survivors

The New York Times reports the last Friday opening in the Boston theatre district of Michael Mack’s 90 minute non-fiction drama “Conversations With My Molester:  A Journey of Faith.”  The Times review, entitled “Private Pain, Played Out on Public Stage,” can be found at –

Mr. Mack is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a Roman Catholic priest and his play consists of a moving 90 minute presentation in his own words of the emotional and personal toll on victims caused by childhood sexual abuse.